“On The Spot-Light”: Patrick Reidy

On the Spot NYC

Welcome back to “On the Spot-Light,” where I’m taking a closer look at the talented cast of On the Spot. (To learn more about this unique cabaret-improv comedy hybrid show, click here, and check out interviews with cast members Meg Reilly and Chris Catalano.)

Today’s spotlight is taking a closer look at On The Spot‘s director. He is a comedian, a graduate of the Upright Citizens Brigade Improvisation Program, and the artistic director for not one but two comedy shows, LMAO and Improv 4 Kids. Give it up for Patrick Reidy!

Patrick ReidyHow did you first get into improv?

I didn’t get cast in anything in my first year college theater program, and out of a desire to perform, I had auditioned for a few of my friends who were starting the first independent improv and sketch group at my school. We were so committed that within a year, we were being paid to perform for school functions and local theaters. While we all went our separate ways, the group still runs with current students who kept the traditions alive, and the alumni have gone on to pursue comedy in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and New York.

Pick 3 comedians that best sum up your personal comedy style.

Fred Armisen, Weird Al Yankovic, and Paul F. Tompkins

How did you get involved with On the Spot

Getting involved was easy, since I created it with the wonderfully talented Nathan Armstrong. His love of Broadway and my love of comedy sparked our common interest in creating this show.

What is your most embarrassing improv disaster?

Improv is all about teamwork, confidence, and saying yes. Every “disaster” can be turned into a beautiful and rewarding moment on stage. The only disaster is when the audience is not laughing, which thankfully has not happened yet!

Have you ever had a sketch or character created in On the Spot that you wanted to expand into more sketches or its own full-length musical?

Our show generates wonderful new characters such as hygiene-conscience pirates, middle school entrepreneurs, mid-life crisis Muppets, and hotel-exclusive FBI agents. Don’t be surprised if there are some full length sketches based on these characters already in the works!

What are you currently binge watching?

Better Call Saul and Jessica Jones

Louis C.K. or Amy Schumer?

They’re both great!

Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel?

They’re both great too!

Favorite Saturday Night Live Cast Member, Past or Present

Jenny Slate

Kill, Marry, F—: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Donald Trump

No, thanks!

David Tennant - Nah

Stay tuned for more “On The Spot-Lights”, and you can see On the Spot on Monday nights at the Broadway Comedy Club. Click here to check out their full schedule, watch video clips, and buy tickets for their upcoming shows!


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