First Blogs Are the Hardest…

First entries on new blogs are almost always awkward, at least for me. Usually they end up being long-winded explanations of who I am, what this blog is going to be, and why you should keep reading.

That being said, I’ll keep it short and sweet. My name is Rachel, and I have been a Broadway fanatic since around my teen years. (There are, however, home videos of me from around 4 years of age dancing around our living room to the soundtrack of Annie.) After college graduation, I moved out to New York City with my bachelor’s degree and delusions of grandeur. Since moving here, I’ve worked as a production intern at Comedy Central, a research assistant for an Oscar-nominated filmmaker, a food/theater critic for the now-extinct Neighborhood NYC, a film/TV critic for a number of other websites, and an office administrator for a small office in the city.

Through it all, New York theater has been a great comfort for me and a driving force for me in staying close to the city. Whenever I think about moving somewhere less expensive or crowded or noisy, I remember that New York theater wouldn’t be a subway ride away, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

That being said, theater is a luxury for most people. Living in New York is expensive enough, and dropping $100+ for a ticket seems completely insane. Over my time living here, I’ve discovered that theater doesn’t have to be expensive, even for big-name shows, if you know where to look. When I started Ludus NYC, I wanted to pass along my knowledge to people living in the city as well as vacationers who might not know what shows are available, much less good or affordable for their budget.

I’m honestly not sure what this blog is or what it will become, but over the next few months, I’ll be experimenting with the format and type of content available. Posts over on the blog will include tips for finding low-priced tickets, casting news, new show announcements, and original content from myself about shows currently running on Broadway. During that time, I hope to hear from readers and get a sense of what you enjoy and what this blog can become.

So, as a thank you for making it through the awkward first post, I give you Zac Efron’s Let It Go. (Credit to Soariing on YouTube.)


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