The Year In Recap: My Favorite Theatre Moments Of 2015 – Part 1

2015 was such a big year in theater that recapping it in one post proved to be an impossible task. Tony Award triumphs and disasters, history-making moments, a myriad of new shows, it was all too much for a single blog post. However, after breaking down the low points of 2015 and some under-rated gems, I get to the fun part. Now, I get to talk about my favorite parts of 2015, and there were quite a few. So many, in fact, that I (again) need to split up this list to do them all justice. Read on for Part 1 of my favorite theatre moments of 2015.

The Year In Recap: Broadway’s Lowest Points Of 2015

I’ve been reflecting back on the past year in New York City theatre, compiling my favorite shows, performances, and moments on (and off) Broadway. That recap will be coming soon, but first, there are a few moments that need to called out for the wrong reasons. From bad casting and lazy artistry to undervaluing the…