About Us

What does Ludus mean?

Ludus is Latin for “recreation” or “play.”

Okay, so you have a super-pretentious Latin name. What makes Ludus different from other Broadway theater sites?

Our ultimate goal is to help you find the best seats and best prices without having to sort through a million different discount sites. We have compiled everything (and we mean EVERYTHING) you need to know about your favorite shows.

Here is some of what we offer:

  • What day should I buy tickets to The Lion King/Kinky Boots/Pippin?
  • I have a limited budget. What shows have tickets for under $60?
  • I want to get rush tickets. What time should I arrive at the theater so they don’t run out?
  • Approximately how many people are showing up for the ticket lottery, and what is my probability of winning tickets?
  • What are today’s prices at TKTS?
  • Where can I grab a quick bite to eat or cocktails after the show?
  • I just don’t know what show to see with my boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/children/out-of-town parents. Help!

Plus, we have live Twitter updates from Times Square, and every week, we will be stopping by rush ticket lines and ticket lotteries to give out some free swag. Where will we show up next? Follow us here to find out!

Okay, that is pretty cool.

Yeah, we thought so too.

So what if I need to contact Ludus NYC with questions or problems with the site?

You can e-mail us at LudusNYC@gmail.com, and we will get back with you within 48 hours.


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