The Great Musical Muppets Take Manhattan: Miss Piggy, First Lady of the Stage

Miss PiggyIt’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights – but wait! Where is the Muppet’s favorite leading lady? Miss Piggy has abandoned ship to make her own Broadway debut, but which show will be putting her name up in lights? Read on to find out.

Dream Roles for Miss Piggy

The difficult part about picking prime roles for Miss Piggy is her ego. She must be the most beautiful woman in the show and upstaged by no one. I doubt that she would be interested in playing Carlotta, an aging opera star, in Phantom of the Opera or Rose, an overbearing stage mother, in Gypsy. If she was in Phantom of the Opera, she would want the role of Christine, a brilliant young singer loved by a viscount and the muse of a tortured artist. Characters like Christine are the pool of roles that I will be choosing from because there isn’t a point in offering her a part that wouldn’t pass her ego test.

EvitaEva Peron from Evita – Eva is a role seemingly written for Miss Piggy. She is an aspiring actress as well as an ambitious social climber. She will hitch herself to whoever will get her to the big city, a description familiar to anyone who saw her performance in The Muppet Movie. Besides the obvious personality similarities, Miss Piggy couldn’t resist the opportunity to sing “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” to an adoring Broadway crowd.

Miss Piggy as NunMaria from The Sound of Music – Miss Piggy would put up with a nun’s habit and a whole lot of kids to take a classic part played by actresses like Mary Martin and Julie Andrews. Falling in love with Captain von Trapp every night is a nice perk, too.

Miss Piggy as JoanneJoanne from Company – Though Miss Piggy would be hesitant to take a supporting role, I can’t imagine a better exception to her rule than Joanne from Company. Just imagine Miss Piggy sinking her teeth into “Ladies Who Lunch.” “Everybody rise! Rise! Rise! Rise! Rise! Rise!”

Miss Piggy as DesireeDesiree from A Little Night Music – The role of Desiree is a nearly perfect role for Miss Piggy, giving her a complicated character that still satisfies her ego. Desiree is a glamorous actress who might not be touring the big cities anymore, but she is still beautiful and her former lover Fredrik still idealizes her despite having a much younger wife. She also gets to sing one of Sondheim’s greatest songs, “Send in the Clowns.”

Miss Piggy as AdelaideAdelaide in Guys and Dolls – Miss Piggy had to wait until Muppets Take Manhattan to trick Kermit into getting married in the movie’s climactic number. She will find a lot in common with Miss Adelaide, the ever-patient fiancé waiting for Nathan Detroit to make her an honest woman. Songs like “Adelaide’s Lament” and “Take Back Your Mink” play to her strengths as a performer, and I’m sure she would love the show’s vintage wardrobe.

These are my picks for Miss Piggy’s Broadway debut, but I want to hear from the readers! Leave a comment below with your dream role for the Muppets’ favorite diva, and thanks for checking out our Muppet series this week! If you like the blog, please share it on Facebook and Twitter, and follow us on Twitter @LudusNYC! We post Broadway ticket lottery times daily, and you can find links to all our blogs, news, and show information!


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