“On The Spot-Light”: Andrew Del Vecchio

On the Spot NYC
Welcome back to “On the Spot-Light!” My series, which takes a closer look at the very funny cast of On the Spot, is coming to an end with only two interviews left. If you missed the series so far, On The Spot is a unique cabaret-improv comedy hybrid show, which is currently playing Monday nights at the Broadway Comedy Club. Cast members who were previously in the spotlight are Meg Reilly, Chris Catalano, and Patrick Reidy.

Up next, meet the series’ penultimate funny man. When he’s not appearing in On the Spot, he can be seen in LMAO and Eight Is Never Enough, and he is on Vine @AndrewJDV. It’s Andrew Del Vecchio!

Andrew Del VecchioHow did you first get into improv?

I enjoyed watching it some in high school and college, but it wasn’t until after college that I really got into it. I found out I was pretty good at being a character actor, so I figured I’d try out for this troupe in the city. Lo and behold, 5 year later, I’m still working with Eight is Never Enough and having a great time doing On the Spot.

Pick 3 comedians that best sum up your personal comedy style.

This one is hard…. I’d have to go by which specials helped me get more comfortable with comedy.

In early high school I saw a DVD of Robin Williams special Live on Broadway, and I thought his transition back and forth into these huge characters was amazing and loved it.

Honestly, the second would be Dane Cook. I know he’s really hit or miss with people, but I was at the tail end of high school when he blew up. He told his stories with a lot of energy and personality, and I remember wanting to put that into what I was saying. Finally, the current comedian I am lovingand hear a lot of myself inis John Mulaney. If the energy of Dane Cook is what I wanted in my late teens, the tempered story telling and charisma of Mulaney is what I love in my late 20’s.

How did you get involved with On the Spot?

I’ve worked with most of the cast for years in improv before this.

What is your most embarrassing improv disaster?

So in playing big characters, I run certain risks on stage. I have torn my pants three times while performing improv. One time in particular comes to mind. Patrick Reidy and I were in the first scene of a show and I tried a karate kick…. and the inside of my pants tore down to my knee. Pat and the rest of the cast decided it would be funny to see me finish the scene, so I did. I will give him this, Pat did keep giving me reasons to hide behind him. Luckily, once the scene was over, another cast mate had an extra pair of jeans in his bag…

Have you ever had a sketch or character created in On the Spot that you wanted to expand into more sketches or its own full-length musical?

Lots! Probably either the Normal Guy Who Turns Into A Goblin Whenever He Sneezes or this great one inspired by a Pat character. In a scene, Pat played an eccentric billionaire 6-year-old, and I ended up play his somewhat less eccentric millionaire 5-year-old friend. In it, we were interviewing Meg as our Nanny. I think those two characters could make great sketches.

What are you currently binge watching?

When I need something on in the background, it’s a rotating cast of Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, and Parks and Rec. But when I have time to watch, Daredevil or Brooklyn-99.

Louis C.K. or Amy Schumer?

Louis C.K.

Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel?

Jimmy Fallon

Favorite Saturday Night Live Cast Member, Past or Present

That’s hard…. Mike Meyers, Bill Hader, or Bobby Moynihan

Kill, Marry, F—: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Donald Trump

I am not a fan of talking politics, but let’s just say I’d rather not deal with any of the three in any way or for any reason.

Stay tuned for more “On The Spot-Lights”, and you can see On the Spot on Monday nights at the Broadway Comedy Club. Click here to check out their full schedule, watch video clips, and buy tickets for their upcoming shows!


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