“On The Spot-Light”: Andrew Del Vecchio

Welcome back to “On the Spot-Light!” My series, which takes a closer look at the very funny cast of On the Spot, is coming to an end with only two interviews left. If you missed the series so far, On The Spot is a unique cabaret-improv comedy hybrid show, which is currently playing Monday nights at the Broadway Comedy Club. Cast members who were previously in the spotlight are Meg Reilly, Chris Catalano, and Patrick Reidy.

Up next, meet the series’ penultimate funny man. When he’s not appearing in On the Spot, he can be seen in LMAO and Eight Is Never Enough, and he is on Vine @AndrewJDV. It’s Andrew Del Vecchio!

“On The Spot-Light”: Patrick Reidy

Welcome back to “On the Spot-Light,” where I’m taking a closer look at the talented cast of On the Spot. (To learn more about this unique cabaret-improv comedy hybrid show, click here, and check out interviews with cast members Meg Reilly and Chris Catalano.)

Today’s spotlight is taking a closer look at On The Spot’s director. He is a comedian, a graduate of the Upright Citizens Brigade Improvisation Program, and the artistic director for not one but two comedy shows, LMAO and Improv 4 Kids. Give it up for Patrick Reidy!

“On The Spot-Light”: Meg Reilly

It’s Friday night in New York City, and there are a million and one cabaret and improv shows clamoring for your attention. How do you choose between Broadway standards and laugh-out-loud comedy? No, Tony Stark, it’s not! This is America! This is New York City, the greatest city in the world! Why should we have…