Taming of the Shrew: A Gif Appreciation Post

Taming of the Shrew

With Shakespeare in the Park wrapping up today with the last performance of Troilus and Cressida, let’s take a look back at Summer 2016 with a Taming of the Shrew Gif Appreciation Post!

Janet McTeer’s Sexy Self

Very few people can pull off that androgynous trailer park rocker look, and Janet McTeer (Petruchio) is one of them. Whoo, is it warm in here? It feels a bit warm…

Shakespeare in the Park - Janet McTeer - Kiss

Special Talents

The beauty pageant framing device gave the cast a chance to show off some of their special talents, like country crooning, baton twirling, and All-American tap dancing from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend‘s Donna Lynne Champlin.

Shakespeare in the Park - Tap Dancing - Donna Lynne Champlin

Orange is the New Black Sightings

Adrienne C. Moore (Tranio) is probably best known as Cindy on Orange is the New Black, but she got to show more of her range of acting abilities with Shakespearean verse.

Shakespeare in the Park - Adrienne C. Moore

These Two…

A lot of the comedy in Taming of the Shrew comes from Katherina and Bianca’s contentious relationship. Cush Jumbo (Katherina) and Gayle Rankin (Bianca) played off each other hilariously with their baby doll dresses and Katherina’s water pistols.

Shakespeare in the Park - Taming of the Shrew - Cush Jumbo

And What About Those Two?

Katherina and Bianca look chummy compared to Katherina and Petruchio. Other productions of Taming of the Shrew have tried to soften their relationship and make it more palatable to modern audiences, but here, Petruchio doesn’t hold back. His misogynistic attitudes and how he treats Katherina transform Taming of the Shrew from what is traditionally a romantic comedy to a comedy-horror story.

Shakespeare in the Park - Taming of the Shrew - Janet McTeer and Cush Jumbo

Pink Fuzzy Handcuffs

Janet McTeer plays Petruchio as a drunk prick, but he is a funny drunk prick who might throw a good party. Evidence? Those pink handcuffs.

Shakespeare in the Park - Taming of the Shrew - Janet McTeer Pink Handcuffs

Judy Gold as Drumpf

With an all-female cast, almost the whole cast is in drag at some point. It’s amusing to see all these awesome ladies play manly men, but Judy Gold stands out as a Donald Drumpf-like Gremio. I could hear her spout stories about grab-assing airline stewardesses and the merits of women wearing skirts vs. pants all day.

Shakespeare in the Park - Taming of the Shrew - Suck It


The costuming definitely favors fedoras, but Anne L. Nathan’s 10-gallon hat deserves a special shout-out. Not only does that hat makes an impression (one of immense fortune and influence), it is practical as well. Imagine everything a person could hide in that hat, like snacks or a spare flask.

Shakespeare in the Park - Taming of the Shrew - Anne L. Nathan

Dance Party!

What better way to end a radically feminist update to Taming of the Shrew than letting the cast rock out to Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation? It’s a great release for everyone, including the audience, and it lets the ladies loosen their ties, their chest bindings, and even their dresses.

Shakespeare in the Park - Taming of the Shrew - Bad Reputation


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