Chicago – Broadway Cast

Chicago Cast

Current Cast

Bianca Marroquin – Roxie Hart
Amra-Faye Wright – Velma Kelly
Tony Yazbeck – Billy Flynn
Raymond Bokhour – Amos Hart
LaVon Fisher-Wilson – Matron “Mama” Morton
R. Lowe – Mary Sunshine
Donna Marie Asbury – June
Nicole Bridgewater – Liz
David Bushman – Swing, Dance Captain
Jennifer Dunne – Swing
Robyn Hurder – Mona
James T. Lane – Harry/Martin Harrison
J. Loeffelholz – Standby for Mary Sunshine
Barrett Martin – Bailiff/Court Clerk
Gabrielle McClinton – Annie
Sharon Moore – Swing
Peter Nelson – Sergeant Fogarty
Brian O’Brien – Fred Casely
Denny Paschall – Aaron
Jason Patrick Sands – Doctor, The Judge
Michael Scirrotto – The Jury
Brian Spitulnik – Swing
Tonya Wathen – Hunyak
Chryssie Whitehead – Go-To-Hell-Kitty


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