You Can’t Take It With You – Broadway Cast

You Can't Take It With You - Broadway Cast

Current Cast

James Earl Jones – Martin Vanderhof
Rose Byrne – Alice Sycamore
Annaleigh Ashford – Essie Carmichael
Johanna Day – Mrs. Kirby
Julie Halston – Gay Wellington
Byron Jennings – Mr. Kirby
Fran Kranz – Tony Kirby
Mark Linn-Baker – Paul Sycamore
Kristine Nielsen – Penny Sycamore
Reg Rogers – Boris Kolenkhov
Will Brill – Ed Carmichael
Nick Corley – G-Man
Marc Damon Johnson – Donald
Crystal A. Dickinson – Rheba
Austin Durant – G-Man
Karl Kenzler – Henderson
Patrick Kerr – Mr. De Pinna
Joe Tapper – G-Man
Barrett Doss – Understudy
Pippa Pearthree – Understudy
Ned Noyes – Understudy
Charles Turner – Understudy
Elizabeth Ashley – Olga
The Kittens – Groucho and Harpo


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