Wicked – Current Broadway Cast


Current Cast

Christine Dwyer – Elphaba
Jenni Barber – Glinda
Mary Testa – Madame Morrible
Tom McGowan – Wizard
Justin Guarini – Fiyero
Kelli Barrett – Nessarose
K. Todd Freeman – Dr. Dillamond
Michael Wartella – Boq
Anne Brummel – Standby for Elphaba
Tiffany Haas – Standby for Glinda
Alicia L. Albright – Dance Captain, Swing, Fight Captain
Todd Anderson – Swing, Understudy for Chistery
Larkin Bogan – Ensemble, Understudy for Boq
Sarah Bolt – Ensemble, Understudy for Madame Morrible
Jerad Bortz – Ensemble, Understudy for Fiyero
Maia Evwaraye-Griffin – Ensemble
Emily Ferranti – Swing, Understudy for Nessarose and Midwife
Zach Hensler – Ensemble
Kevin Jordan – Swing
Christopher King – Chistery, Ensemble
Kelly Lafarga – Swing, Understudy for Witch’s Mother and Midwife
Colby Q. Lindeman – Ensemble
Lauren Linville – Ensemble
Wade McCollum – Witch’s Father, Ozian Official, Understudy for Wizard and Dr. Dillamond
Brian Munn – Swing, Understudy for Wizard, Dr. Dillamond, Witch’s Father, Ozian Official
Lindsay K. Northern – Ensemble, Understudy for Glinda
Eddie Pendergraft – Ensemble, Understudy for Boq
Casey Quinn – Ensemble
Alexander Quiroga – Ensemble, Understudy for Witch’s Father, Ozian Official, Fiyero
Michael McCorry Rose – Ensemble, Understudy for Fiyero
Adam Sanford – Ensemble
Kathy Santen – Midwife, Understudy for Madame Morrible
Heather Spore – Ensemble, Understudy for Glinda
Brian Wanee – Ensemble, Understudy for Chistery
Jonathan Warren – Dance Captain, Swing, Fight Captain, Understudy for Chistery
Betsy Werbel – Ensemble, Understudy for Madame Morrible
Michael Williams – Ensemble
Robin Wilner – Ensemble, Understudy for Witch’s Mother and Midwife
Lindsay Wood – Ensemble, Understudy for Witch’s Mother and Midwife


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