Waitress: Broadway Feminism And The Privilege To Pee

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of seeing the matinee of Waitress at the Brooks Atkinson Theater. It is a wonderful show, and it is the perfect show to see with a girl friend or two. I had a longtime friend visiting from out of town. This was her first Broadway musical, and she loved…

The Year In Recap: My Favorite Theatre Moments Of 2015 – Part 1

2015 was such a big year in theater that recapping it in one post proved to be an impossible task. Tony Award triumphs and disasters, history-making moments, a myriad of new shows, it was all too much for a single blog post. However, after breaking down the low points of 2015 and some under-rated gems, I get to the fun part. Now, I get to talk about my favorite parts of 2015, and there were quite a few. So many, in fact, that I (again) need to split up this list to do them all justice. Read on for Part 1 of my favorite theatre moments of 2015.