Once – Broadway Cast

Once - Arthur Darvill and Joanna Christie

Current Cast

Paul Alexander Nolan – Guy
Jessie Fisher – Girl
Laurel Griggs – Ivanka
David Patrick Kelly – Da
Katrina Lenk – Réza
Lucas Papaelias – Švec
Anne L. Nathan – Baruška
Madeleine Pace – Ivanka
Scott Stangland – Eamon
Andy Taylor – Bank Manager
Ryan Vona – Andrej
Erikka Walsh – Ex-Girlfriend, Understudy for Girl/Réza
Paul Whitty – Billy
J. Michael Zygo – Emcee, Understudy for Guy/Dance Captain
Joannne Borts – Understudy for Baruška
Brandon Ellis – Understudy for Bank Manager/Billy/Andrej/Švec/Eamon
Elisabeth Evans – Understudy for Girl/Réza/Ex-Girlfriend
Ben Hope – Standby for Guy
Don Noble – Understudy for Da/Eamon/Emcee
Shannon O’Boyle – Standby for Girl
Ari McKay Wilford – Understudy for Eamon/Andrej/Švec/Emcee


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