Heathers: The Musical – Stage Door

20140724-012736-5256871.jpgPlaying it cool, just got my tickets…

20140724-012736-5256130.jpgNope, impossible to play it cool – I’m seeing Heathers: The Musical tonight!

20140724-012741-5261019.jpgAt the stage door with Veronica herself, Charissa Hogeland!

20140724-012738-5258590.jpgAnd Martha, played by Katie Ladner. She made me laugh and cry at the same time in her second act song “Kindergarten Boyfriend.”

20140724-012740-5260063.jpgAnd Westerberg High’s favorite bad-boy JD, played with the right mix of charm and sociopath by Dave Thomas Brown.

20140724-012740-5260807.jpgAnd Heather Chandler, the Queen herself! Jessica Keenan Wynn was one of the highlights of the whole show for me. Perfect casting. Her performance was so deliciously evil that I was dreading her imminent demise, and then post-Drano cocktail, she amped it up even more as she haunted Veronica. Bra-vo.


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