The Heidi Chronicles – Broadway Cast

The Heidi Chronicles - Cast

Current Cast

Elisabeth Moss – Heidi Holland
Jason Biggs – Scoop Rosenbaum
Bryce Pinkham – Peter Patrone
Tracee Chimo – Fran/Molly/Betsy/April
Ali Ahn – Susan Johnston
Leighton Bryan – Jill/Debbie/Lisa
Elise Kibler – Becky/Clara/Denise
Andy Truschinski – Chris Boxer/Mark/Waiter/Ray
Therese Plaehn – Understudy for Heidi and Susan Johnston
Ben Graney – Understudy for Scoop/Peter/Chris Boxer/Mark/Ray/Waiter
Amelia McClain – Understudy for Fran/Molly/Betsy/April, Understudy for Jill/Debbie/Lisa, Understudy for Becky/Clara/Denise


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