If/Then – Broadway Cast

If Then

Current Cast

Idina Menzel – Elizabeth
LaChanze – Kate
Anthony Rapp – Lucas
James Snyder – Josh
Jerry Dixon – Stephen
Jenn Colella – Anne
Jason Tam – David
Tamika Lawrence – Elena, Understudy for Kate
Jackie Burns – Standby for Elizabeth
Joe Cassidy – Ensemble, Understudy for Lucas and Stephen
Miguel Cervantes – Ensemble, Understudy for David
Curtis Holbrook – Ensemble, Understudy for Lucas
Tyler McGee – Ensemble, Understudy for Josh
Ryann Redmond – Ensemble for Anne and Elena
Joe Aaron Reid – Ensemble, Understudy for Stephen
Gabrielle Ruiz – Ensemble, Understudy for 
Ann Sanders – Ensemble, Understudy for Anne
Marc DeLacruz – Swing, Understudy for David
Charles Hagerty – Swing, Understudy for Josh
Janet Krupin – Swing, Understudy for Elena
Pearl Sun – Understudy for Kate


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