Avenue Q – Off-Broadway Cast

Avenue Q Cast

Current Cast

Elizabeth Ann Berg – Kate Monster, Lucy, and Others
Kerri Brackin – Mrs. T/Bear, and Others; Understudy for Kate Monster/Lucy
Grace Choi – Christmas Eve
Ben Durocher – Princeton/Rod
Jason Jacoby – Nicky, Trekkie Monster, Bear and Others
Nicholas Kohn – Brian
Danielle K. Thomas – Gary Coleman
Katie Boren – Ensemble; Understudy for Mrs. T/Bear, Kate Monster/Lucy, Christmas Eve
Imari Hardon – Swing
Michael Liscio, Jr. – Swing; Understudy for Princeton/Rod, Brian, Nicky/Trekkie/Bear; Assistant Stage Manager
Jed Resnick – Ensemble; Understudy for Princeton/Rod, Trekkie/Bear, Brian


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