Company XIV - Queen of Hearts - Photographer - Mark Shelby Perry

Queen of Hearts – Company XIV – Review

Queen of Hearts, currently playing through November 2, is everything I’ve come to expect from a Company XIV show, in the best way possible. Whenever I hear that Company XIV has a new show, I expect a stage filled with sexy people doing high kicks, acrobatics, and inventive covers of my favorite pop songs. It’s a few hours of escape from the real world into one of decadence and light-hearted debauchery. Queen of Hearts was all of it, but there was something more this time around that I wasn’t expecting.

The Divine Talent of Company XIV’s PARIS – Randall Scotting

In Company XIV’s newest show – based on the Judgement of Paris myth – Paris might be the title character, but the goddesses are the real stars of the show. These three talented performers tower above us mere mortals, their audience, in lavish gowns and high heels, and each of them gets multiple solos to show off their stunning voices.